Business Growth and Value Creation:
Operating Partner and Strategic Consulting Engagements


Companies at every growth stage need to be constantly evaluating the effectiveness of their business model. No two businesses are the same and there is no “one-size-fits-all” playbook to assure meaningful growth and value creation. Companies that are components of a broader portfolio of businesses can have even more considerations and complications. We have deep experience working with private equity firms, family offices and other multi-business and multi-brand enterprises to corral and focus component businesses. With years of hands-on operational experience, our successes inform our ability to assess, strategize and execute initiatives to materially improve business practices and results.


  • Over 14 years of experience as an Operating Partner to private equity and high net worth family office firms.

  • Specialist in the management and coordination of multiple portfolio companies, business units and brands to create material value at both the portfolio company and enterprise level.

  • Performance improvement analysis and implementation to drive revenue and earnings growth as well as value creation.

  • Focused approaches to business model improvement through revenue and cost optimization, operational efficiencies and supply chain refinement.

  • Brand marketing assessment and repositioning, as well as sales, distribution and go-to-market strategies.

Responding to the Downside Scenario:
Crisis Management, Restructures and Turnarounds


One of our greatest core competencies is fixing challenged businesses. When things don’t go as planned we have the ability to help you stop what’s going wrong and start things going right. We’ve done this type of turnaround time and again. We have navigated businesses through everything from re-casting broken business models to leading internal investigations and implementing remedies to urgent and existential crises.

  • Strong history of finding entrepreneurial and sustainable solutions to unique and fast moving challenges, typically under substantial time pressure and in resource constrained environments.

  • Proven and experienced in navigating volatile and complex operational and management challenges including organizational and financial restructuring, brand repositions and re-launches and complete enterprise turnarounds.

  • Services also include interim crisis management, organizational restructuring, change management as well as business model and operational triage.

Enterprise Development:
Enabling Growth Today and Tomorrow

Scaling, innovating or refining how a company does business can be extraordinarily challenging. We can help you do everything from launching a broad-based acquisition strategy, divesting an underperforming portfolio company or guiding you in recasting a stand-alone business into a more efficient model as it outgrows its old one.


  • Extensive experience in enterprise development for start-up, early stage and mature organizations, including refining alignment of fragmented or siloed portfolio and division operations.

  • Transactional services addressing structural changes through the planning, transaction and post-transaction integration and business plan execution phases as well as perspective on and analysis of acquisition targets prior to and through due-diligence. 

  • Deep expertise with leading merger, acquisition, divestitures, joint ventures, strategic alliances as well as carve-out and bolt-on transactions and fundraising.

  • Solutions for succession planning and exit strategies.

  • Scaling of start-up and early stage businesses, leading internal venture start-up projects and innovation divisions, financing, and investor relations and communication functions.

Outside General Counsel Services:
Tailored and Cost Effective


An outside general counsel is a smart option for firms that are looking for exemplary legal advice without the costs associated with a full-time in-house counsel. This outsourcing is also an excellent option for companies with in-house legal staff looking for assistance with specific projects or as extra help to get through a spike in workload. With the experience of over 20 years of legal practice, which include general counsel and in-house positions, we provide comprehensive legal services, grounded in a practical and business-focused perspective, tailored to the unique needs of each client.


  • We have extensive experience addressing regulatory compliance, corporate governance, risk management, intellectual property asset management, general operational oversight and drafting and negotiating commercial agreements.

  • Years of experience advising ownership, senior executives and boards of directors on an extremely diverse range of issues.

  • With a background that includes extensive trial experience and years of teaching trial skills to experienced prosecutors, we also provide litigation management and counsel as well as representation in dispute resolution processes. 


effective strategies and solutions for the consumer product,
alcoholic beverage and cannabis industries



Founded in 2012, Tradecraft is a multi-disciplinary firm providing Operating Partner and Strategic Advisory services addressing all aspects of corporate development and operations.  Our clients include entrepreneurs at every stage of growth and companies from start-up to multi-billion dollar international enterprises. We represent and advise entrepreneurs, private equity firms, investment banks, merger & acquisition advisory firms, high-net-worth individuals and family offices. We have worked throughout North America as well as in Europe, New Zealand, Australia, South America and South Africa.


We are subject matter experts in the wine, beer and spirits industry and have broad expertise with artisan food production and consumer products. We are now leveraging our business acumen and over 17 years of operating in highly regulated business environments to assist entrepreneurs in California’s evolving cannabis industry to build and grow sustainable businesses with confidence and  professionalism.


Decades of hands-on operational and legal experience drive material results for our clients looking to improve fundamental business practices, buying or selling businesses, fundraising, scaling outgrown business models or facing a unique and severe crisis. We are growth-minded and focused on solutions that can be implemented in the real world.




strategy, performance and profitability of the parent holding company, General Partners of the funds and 21 portfolio companies and administrative entities encompassing over 140 employees spread over three continents.


Kevin’s background also includes being the personal legal counsel and business strategist to wine industry legend Jess Jackson, founder of the Kendall-Jackson wine empire. In this capacity, he was the operational executive in the Office of the Chairman, responsible for developing and executing enterprise-wide business strategies and coordinating and overseeing the activities of over 40 family businesses. Concurrently, Kevin acted as the in-house entrepreneur, responsible for the identification, creation and operation of internal corporate venture opportunities, the review and analysis of external opportunities and providing oversight of investment relationships and operational influence over ventures backed by the Enterprise.


Kevin’s legal background involves complex litigation, mergers and acquisitions, intellectual property and a broad corporate development and business practice. Kevin previously worked as a prosecutor for San Mateo County and for The City and County of San Francisco and spent eight years teaching Gang Violence law and trial skills for the California District Attorneys’ Association. 

Kevin McGee is the principal and founder of Tradecraft Strategic Advisors, and a specialist in navigating complex business issues for clients including corporate and business development, restructuring, mergers and acquisitions, and complex and multi-business enterprise development. He is a graduate of the Executive Program at Stanford University’s Graduate School of Business and has been actively practicing law for over 20 years. 


Kevin is the former Chief Executive Officer of the private equity firm Terroir Capital, where he was responsible for the business planning,



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